A more complete introduction

So, what is the purpose of this blog?

Thus far it has been about issues surrounding getting into medical school.  I hope that those posts are of some use to students interested in the field.  At this point and moving forward the blog will be about insights and experiences gained in the course of my training.  I do not wish this to be a place to rant, but rather to share important experiences, questions, analyses, etc. on my journey.  It will also serve as a record of progress of my thought over the next 3 years of my training.

So, who am I?

I am a medical student at Western University.

I’ve always been interested in the world around me. This curiosity initially led me towards the sciences, growing up I had a microscope and loved to explore the outdoors. When I was 6 I found a fossilized shell in the forest behind my house.  My father and I went to the library and looked it up, it was a Mucrosprifer arkonensis, a brachiopod from the Devonian. I also thought deeply on many subjects, reading the works of a number of philosophers.  These combined interests led to a focus in microbiology and biochemistry as an undergraduate, with electives in an array of philosophy courses.

I enjoy working with my hands as well. I have spent time doing wet lab research, working in the metal shop in high school and drawing as a youth.  I enjoy thinking and doing, puzzles and people, so you can see the difficulty of making the “first choice of residency”, medicine vs. surgery.  At the moment I am undecided about which field of medicine I wish to pursue.  In my case issues of work-life balance and long-term fulfillment come into play rather that simply enjoyment or aptitude.

In my training thus far I have enjoyed the medical theory, clinical exposure and the humanities including ethics, narrative and medical history.  I have also been able to find a good balance between my learning, involvement and personal life.  I don’t feel there is a need to share much about my other interests, suffice to say I continue to enjoy exploring nature in my free time.

Now on to more aboot medicine.


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