Review of Year 1 (Part 2)

Some things stick with you more than others.


The first time you scrub in, you’re not sure what you’ll be able to do in the operating room.  My first time was rather uneventful, until a clamp wasn’t placed quite right:

photo 2-18

Another important lesson, don’t wear nice shoes in the OR.  This was what hit me below the gown, of the whole team I got it worst.  The clamp was quickly adjusted and the patient is fine. “Welcome to surgery!”

The Vasovagal

If you’ve every jumped up from the couch too quickly, you know the feeling.  Flashes, narrowing field of vision, weakness. Not things you want to have happen when you’re helping a patient.  Everyone has a trigger it seems.  For some it was the cadavers, others an amputation, for me it was seeing an ER doctor drill into a patients shin to get a line in. I had to leave the room, nobody really noticed.  I felt embarrassed, supposed to be able to handle everything and my first day in the ER I nearly fainted…

The doctor reassured me and after a short break I rejoined the team.  It’s normal, it happens to everyone.  You always remember the first time.  I was advised to make sure to eat and have some fluids before going to the ER.  (What I saw was the use of an EZ-IO device, for placing a line into bone rather than a vessel.  This is another route to the circulation called intraosseous and I shall post more on it in the future.)


Our class and the school was very enthusiastic about Movember.  We had some amazing mustaches in the class and raised a good deal of money for prostate research.  Some of the class has a bit of a facial hair deficit, so they dyed what they had.  I participated as well. Was great to see the enthusiasm of the class for a cause.

photo 1-18


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