Review of Year 2

Year 2 has come to a close.  This marks the end of our pre-clinical training and brings with it a lot of excitement to begin wading into the hospitals and clinics.  It also marks a point of stress for many.  Application of the knowledge and skills we were to have acquired and perhaps the realization this is our final summer off.

This year was quite similar to the first year, continuing our march through the systems of the body, working our way towards a more complete and integrated understanding of the medical system, diseases, treatments and people.  Our skills in examining and interacting with patients was also tested and consolidated to make sure we are ready to start clerkship.  Approaching this quick summary as last year:

What did we study?

  • Digestion
  • Endocrinology
  • Reproduction
  • Musculoskeletal anatomy/physiology
  • Emergency Medicine (1 week)
  • Family Medicine (1 week)
  • Neurology
  • Psychiatry
  • Ethics (Pt. II)
  • Healthcare Systems

Was second year difficult?

I found second year more challenging than our first year and believe that was the general feeling.  Some subjects were memorization heavy such as neurology and anatomy, requiring a lot of effort for those not familiar with the material. This year many of us took on leadership roles or projects that made large demands on our time and on our minds that may have been another contributor to the perception of difficulty.

It has been great seeing classmates grow since we started.  I’m sure it happens in every class, but we have had a few engagements in the class.  Some children, some weddings.  It has been interesting watching friendships grow and relationships evolve over 2 years.

I’m trying to enjoy my final summer and the time I have with family close by, so I don’t expect to blog much over the next 2 months.  Once clerkship starts I’m sure I will have many experiences that will leave a lasting impression and may be posted or linked.


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