Shiny Bellies

Just a silly observation, but after two weeks in the outpatient clinic  the majority of pregnant ladies we saw are waxing their bellies, and seem to be doing so to coincide with their appointments.  Uh, thanks I guess…

The next two weeks are on delivery service, first week nights, second week days.  Will be an adjustment from seeing OB/Gyn patients in clinic.


2 thoughts on “Shiny Bellies

  1. Unfortunately, pregnant or not, women are subjected to the society’s sometimes irrational standards of beauty. I’ve seen so many pregnant women, even when late into third trimester, still get a Brazilian wax despite health hazards (and obvious discomfort during the procedure) becaue they think that we’ll judge them. But we don’t!

  2. Thanks Nina, I agree it is disconcerting. I’m finishing up 2 weeks in the delivery room and a good number have come in for inductions with full makeup and waxed. We are here to take care of you, not judge.

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