Seems like it was New Years a second ago and now February is ending. This marks the halfway point of our clerkship training; hard to believe.  Internal Medicine is out of the way and Family Medicine starts on Monday.

My IM rotation ended with strong feedback from the attending. A nice way to end a block.  I’m sure I’ll feel somewhat lost for the first few days of the next one: learning the EMR, way they enter orders/present cases, etc.  Good to end a block on a positive note to transition into new territory.

IM ended with six weeks of CTU.  This was split between an adult in-patient unit and one focusing on those over 75 years-old.  It was nice to see care in the adult and elderly population and learn to deal with different issues, from endocarditis and liver cirrhosis to CHF and palliation for metastatic cancer.  It was quite a range and required a good deal of study/review at home.  This was also the first rotation where we were given responsibility for everyone on the floor when on call.  During pediatrics a resident was always present to cover floor issues, here we did consults in the ER and covered the floor.  Terrifying the first couple call shifts, especially since we can’t order anything.  A combination of responsibility and powerlessness that can be quite unnerving. Over time I learned to prioritize, which questions to ask when paged and paired up with one of the residents to co-sign orders.  Very stressful, but I also learned a lot.

Off to a rural family medicine placement tomorrow.  Going to be quite a change.  I’m hoping the experience in IM gives a good foundation for it.  Working with 4 different doctors in a group clinic, will be a change.  Family Medicine is an option I’m considering for residency, so the next few weeks should aid in that decision.


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