The Final Push

Only 6 weeks of clerkship left.  Time has flown by.  Some of the 2-week selectives seem to barely start before you are shipped off to another service.  Quite a year of experience and learning, a welcome change after 2 years in the classroom.

Starting clerkship last September electives and CaRMS seemed so far away, now they are on the horizon and quickly approaching.  The AFMC Portal that was to streamline the elective application process has been something of a bust in its first year.  Half the schools opted out, some had dual application streams, in the end I’m sure there was a lot of frustration for students, administration and programs.  For many it resulted in a feeling of helplessness since after submitting an elective application there is silence, sometimes for 4 months of more.  Unsettling.

For now I’m focusing on finishing my core rotations strong and going into my electives well prepared.


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