I’ve mentioned my enjoyment of fountain pens before and how I make my notes by hand (link). This interest in pens led to a relative passing on an old Waterman lever filler pen that had seen better days. I took this on as a project and restored the pen. It was a fun distraction.


The first problem was getting the pen apart without breaking it.  These pens use ink sacs, so I assumed the rubber had degraded and was stuck.  That was right, but it became clear the pen was full of ink at the time it was stored, and that ink was everywhere.


After getting it open I carefully removed the old ink sac. The body of the pen, nib, feed and cap were caked with ink and needed a long soak.  With the ink softened much of it could be wiped off, some such as the ink in the threads required the use of a toothbrush. It was fun to see the nib regain its shine as I worked on it.  Finally, a new ink sac, some shellac, fresh ink, and it was ready to use. The nib is quite stiff and puts down a very fine line, so I have it loaded with red ink and use it for editing.




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